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Monitor both work-at-home and office workers.

Review team and individual work efficiency in seconds.

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WorkScape. Smart computer monitoring.

Supports Windows, macOS, Linux

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WorkScape report work activity
  • Who are your most active workers? Least active?

  • How much time are employees working? Resting?

  • How much time are employees on work-related applications or websites? On non-work apps or websites?

  • What are your employees' daily patterns of activity?

  • What were your employees last doing?

Is WorkScape for you?

Do you want to monitor employees working from home as well as in your office?

Do you want insight into how they really spend their time?

Do you want data on teams as well as individuals?

Do you want to encourage efficient work habits and discourage wasted time?

WorkScape report websites

WorkScape Features

Dashboard in the cloud

Access your WorkScape dashboard from any device from anywhere with web access.

Silent installation option

Optionally install WorkScape silently on employees' computers.

Invisible mode

Hide WorkScape on employees' computers by using silent installation or group policy.

Time tracking

Track start, stop, idle and break time throughout the work day for every employee.

Internet monitoring

Track the websites employees visit categorized as work- or non-work related.

Screenshot monitoring

View screenshots from employees' monitors with blur added to protect privacy. Dual/multiple monitors now supported.

Activity tracking

Check every employee's active work time as a percentage of his or her overall computer time.

Application monitoring

Track the applications employees use and how productive they are on each.

Last activity monitoring

Check the most recently opened application for each employee.

Keystroke monitoring (Windows only)

Count keystrokes and/or log keystrokes. Logging excludes email addresses and passwords.


Configure WorkScape to recognize work-related and non-work-related websites and applications.

Flexible options

Try WorkScape at no cost for 10 days or buy a license now for only $3 per month per device.


WorkScape FAQs

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