How do I add employees to my account?

You can add employees to your Panogard account and provide them with different kinds of permissions. Generally you will only grant employees permission to Post Logs. This permission allows employees to install WorkScape on their computers and to log in to your administrator account. This permission is granted by default to employees who are added to your account and complete registration.

To add an employee to your account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WorkScape Admin Panel. In the left column, click Account and then Users. The Users tab is displayed.
  2. Click the + sign in the list of users. An empty field opens.
  3. Type the email address of the employee you are adding in the field. Then click the ✔ symbol. The employee is added to your account and the employee's email address appears at the top of the Users list. Note that the icon for the new user is black, meaning that the user has not completed registration and is not active.
  4. Click the green envelope icon in the Actions column (Send invitation email) for the new user. An invitation email is sent to employee's email address.
  5. When the employee receives the invitation, he or she clicks the button labeled Verify my email address. A registration dialog opens where the employee enters his or her name and a password. Then the user clicks Register and the system registers the employee.
  6. The user then closes the registration invitation window. On the Users tab in the Admin Panel, the new user's icon is now green, indicating successful registration. You may need to refresh the page to see this updated status.
  7. By default, the Post Logs permission is granted to the new user. This allows the user to install the WorkScape client and log in to your account If you also want to allow the new user to see all reports and to download the WorkScape installation file, then grant the employee Web Access permission too.

WorkScape must now be installed on the employee's computer. An employee who has been added to your account and who has the default Post Logs permission can do the installation. See the FAQ How does an employee install WorkScape using regular installation?

Watch the video How to add employees to your account: