About us.

Panogard creates time tracking software that gives employers the insights they deserve into the activity and efficiency of their employees. For example, WorkScape, Panogard's premier time tracking program, shows when employees work and rest, the apps they use, the websites they visit, how much time they spend on work-related activity versus non-work-related activity, and much more, in both graphic and tabular form. Visit Panogard online for details and to download and run WorkScape beta for free.
Our goal at Panogard is to provide the metrics you need about the performance of your people. Our outstanding customer care is made possible by our small, experienced staff and clear product focus.

With offices in Minsk, Panogard is privately held and registered as Valery Kuzniatsou. For more information about Panogard and its products contact us by email at support @ panogard.com.

Address: Panogard, Minsk, 220025, Esenina St. 10, #56