How does an administrator install WorkScape using silent installation?

The silent installation option lets network administrators install or uninstall WorkScape without user intervention. Silent installation is useful for installing WorkScape on multiple computers quickly. It requires administrator rights.

After silent installation, you must assign the computers you want to monitor to a license. See the FAQ How do I add a computer to monitor? When that is done, the WorkScape application on those computers will be logged in to your account and monitoring will be started. With silent installation, WorkScape runs in invisible mode: the application will not appear in the Windows Start menu or system tray. See the FAQ What is invisible mode?

When you install WorkScape silently, you also agree with the Panogard EULA. Silent installation and invisible mode are available with WorkScapeSetup 1.6.1600.23 or later and only with Windows systems.

To install WorkScape using silent installation, follow these steps:

  1. Download the WorkScape setup program WorkScapeSetup.exe and and copy it to a network location. See the FAQ How do I download WorkScape?
  2. Go the computer where WorkScape is to be installed.
  3. Use Windows Explorer to locate WorkScapeSetup.exe in its network location.
  4. Copy WorkScapeSetup.exe to local drive C:\.
  5. Log in to the WorkScape Admin Panel. See the FAQ How do I log in to the WorkScape Admin Panel?
  6. Click the Download arrow on the top right. Then click Windows Client…. The Download Windows Client dialog opens.
  7. Find the Silent installation and invisible mode section and copy the Installation string to the clipboard.
  8. Run the Command Prompt as administrator. The Administrator: Command Prompt dialog opens.
  9. Paste the Installation string in the space directly after C:\Windows\system32>. Then push the Enter key. The setup program installs WorkScape. This may take several minutes.

Before this installation of WorkScape will monitor this computer, you must assign the computer to a license. See the FAQ How do I add a computer to monitor?

Watch the video How to do silent installation as administrator: