How does an employee install WorkScape using regular installation?

Before an employee can install WorkScape on his or her computer, the administrator must add him or her to his Panogard account. See the FAQ How do I add employees to my account?

An employee installs WorkScape using regular installation by following these steps:

  1. The employee should ask his employer how to find WorkScapeSetup.exe on the network drive.
  2. The employee uses Windows Explorer to find WorkScapeSetup.exe in its network location.
  3. The employee copies WorkScapeSetup.exe to local drive C:\.
  4. The employee opens (runs) WorkScapeSetup.exe located on drive C:\ and follows the steps presented by the the setup program. Installation may take several minutes.
  5. When the installation and setup complete, the employee clicks Close to close the setup program. The WorkScape client starts running automatically, and the Log into your account dialog opens.
  6. The employee logs in to his or her account by entering his or her email and password and clicking Login.
  7. The employee then clicks Start monitoring. Then the employee closes the Log into your account dialog. The WorkScape icon appears in the system tray.

The employee can use the WorkScape icon to start and stop monitoring and to open and close WorkScape. However, logs generated by this installation will be discarded unless the administrator now assigns this computer to a license. See the FAQ How do I add a computer to monitor?

Watch the video How to do regular installation as an employee: