How do I add a computer to monitor?

After installing the WorkScape client on one or more computers, you must assign the computers you want to monitor to a license.

To select computers to monitor and assign them to a license, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the WorkScape Admin Panel. See the FAQ How do I log in to the WorkScape Admin Panel?
  2. A yellow triangle in the upper right of the panel indicates WorkScape is installed on computers that are not assigned to a license. Click the triangle. A list of computers not assigned to a license is displayed.
  3. To assign computers to a license, click Fix it for any computer. The Current licenses tab opens.
  4. Choose the license you want to assign computers to. The license must show a green + icon and must show that more computers can be assigned to it. Click the + icon. The Select computers to monitor dialog opens.
  5. Select a computer or computers. Click Apply and then Close.

You have now assigned a computer or computers to a license. WorkScape has started logging activity on the computer(s). The first reports will be available in about 10 minutes.

Watch the video How to add a computer to monitor: