Are my data and computers secure with WorkScape?

WorkScape is safe to run on your network and computers. WorkScape software contains a code-signing certificate from Sectigo Limited issued to Valery Kuzniatsou. This certificate protects you by ensuring that Panogard is the software publisher and that the software has not been modified or tampered with. This digital certificate, combined with WorkScape's nearly three-year history of successful service to our customers, makes Panogard a trusted partner.

Here is additional technical information about WorkScape and your security:

  • Panogard is hosted on's cloud server ( WorkScape servers and all user data are located with in New York City, NY, USA.
  • Although Panogard has access to all our WorkScape customers' accounts and data, we do not share any customer information with anyone.
  • If technical issues arise with a customer's account, we request the customer's permission before allowing our developers to access the account.
  • Screenshots are automatically deleted from our server after seven days. We do not back them up. If you receive screenshots daily, then they are deleted from our server immediately after they are successfully uploaded to your server. For your privacy, you can set the screenshot blur radius above 50 to blur out all sensitive information.
  • WorkScape does not contain a keystroke logger. It does not log email content, passwords, any keystrokes, or text from the clipboard.